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  3. Lilith conjunct Antares, Revelation of the Whore

According to NASA, the star has eaten all its hydrogen and is now shining because it is fusing progressively heavier elements. Time-exposure pictures of the region around Antares reveal an unusually colorful area of gas : yellow, blue and red are all prominent in pictures from the Royal Observatory in Edinburgh and the Anglo-Australian Observatory.

Additionally, the area has several other objects crowding the field of view: the nebula gas cloud Rho Ophiuchi and M4, a globular cluster or collection of stars. Antares was the inspiration for the name of a rocket now being tested by Orbital Sciences.

Locating Antares

Antares is often compared to other red supergiants of its type, so that scientists can better understand how these stars are structured and under what conditions they will eventually become supernovas. They could see four dust clumps moving in that short time frame, and a possible new clump forming in because that clump wasn't visible in They did an estimate of the expansion velocity of these dust clouds, and concluded that it is difficult to explain these velocities based on a simple outflow of material from the star; perhaps the dust clouds are randomly ejected.

The team imaged Antares using infrared interferometry, providing the best-ever angular resolution on a star's disk. They interferometer signal suggests the presence of convective cells. Have a news tip, correction or comment? Sometimes, if you go looking for monsters long enough , eventually that is all you will find, if you know what I mean. Be objective, and take everything you find with the proverbial "grain of salt". You go looking with a preconceived notion, maybe that's exactly what you will find - whether it is there or not.

I personally do not actually go on these kinds of hunts without some form of additional support or warnings outside of astrology and the chart first. Too easy to make a mistake. Evidence, man, you want evidence, even if it is circumstantial Thanks for your reply - I'm not looking for anything in particular just wondering what would be of note if looking at my own or another person's chart, in regards to being a predatory person or a victim of predatory people.

I have experience a few incidents of sexual violence and abuse, and I was wondering if it could be noted by astrologers in the charts of others etc. I had one idea that Chiron in retrograde, in particular houses might be worth noting or not really?? Another quick question! Also, where would I find the most comprehensive birth chart on the internet, that would detail things like Antares or Unukalhai?

I don't know that one, and in fact have never heard of it until now, so I have no clue what its meaning might be. As I think I said before, I really don't pay all that much mind to fixed stars, and really consider them to be a minor factor in the chart unless they fall exactly on something sensitive, or I am looking for something specific. Otherwise, I pretty much pay them no mind, as I do with the asteroids, excepting chiron.

Birth chart on the internet that is comprehensive with the fixed stars? I don't know. In fact, I don't know any of them, really, that even deal with them barely at all I think.

Antares in history

Like I said, fixed stars are kind of a minor and rather esoteric subject, and not considered so important at all, or even considered, by the majority of modern astrologers. They kind of take the same stance as I do with them, I think. The ancient astrologers may have made much of them, but few practice astrology in it's more ancient forms nowadays. Among today's community, they are pretty much considered a side topic, if at all. Good chance you may not find an online chart site that deals much at all with them, if at all period.

Not a common thing today in the community. I have to be fair, though.