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Leo: Your daily horoscope - October 09

Contemplate in seclusion about the root cause of the problem. Ganesha's hint? It is closer than you imagine. Love is on the cards, says Ganesha. Your senses are likely to remain highly active today. Stay alert and avoid drifting into your own world at the cost of work. It is best for you to keep your eyes and ears open to avoid any misunderstanding with your near and dear ones, suggests Ganesha.

Today, you are likely to be rather emotional and sentimental, says Ganesha. Your love for performing arts may make you take up lessons in classical music or traditional dance. And much to your delight, your sweetheart will treat you to a surprise candlelit dinner. Your way of talk today will be such that it can cause misunderstanding. In a fit of emotion, you will take a hasty decision.

You will regret the same in future, but you will also get a chance to rectify the same. So, says Ganesha, do not take a any ad hoc or temporary decision but a firm decision. Always dependable, that is what you are. And today, you will just underline this fact in bold strokes through your fine display of commitment to work, and your dedication to your family, says Ganesha.

Your company may never find a better person for the job that you are assigned to do.

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Even at home, your credentials as the perfect family man will shoot right off the charts. The booster rockets of your ambitions and spirit to work will kick in at the maximum today. Seek recreation after a hard day's work and look to relax at private parties, social-dos and even weddings, says Ganesha. Ever heard of the phrase, 'To stick one's foot in one's mouth'? Well, today you might be doing exactly the same, albeit unwittingly.

Leo Horoscope: Daily Leo Astrology for Today Free | ruicoduca.gq

You are likely to invite trouble, especially if some of those heated discussions get out of hand. A legal dispute does not seem unlikely. One can always get an out-of-court settlement, but why go through all that? Just remember to be cautious today in all that you do or say, hints Ganesha.